Music Visions

Music Visions

Rodolphe Lauretta Raw Trio
Raw Trio, Paris 2015

At the Effra pub in Brixton (South London), the floor is open for  old school jazz musicians, resisting gentrification. It’s cool and unpretentious place with good beer and decent wine.

I wanted to visualize the feeling that music generates. the sensuality, the receptivity, the flow, the energy, the synergy, the aura. With an approach both intuitive and constructed, I have explored different photographic techniques such as long exposure, long exposure with flash, fill-in flash and out of focus.

What I wanted to do, it’s transcending the indexical value of photography, the literal, assertive meaning of the image as a proof of the reality in front of the camera.

Being a spectator and believing that a certain passivity is inescapable in spectatorship, I remind myself of what Aimé Césaire in his Notebook of a Return to the Native Land said: “beware of assuming the sterile attitude of a spectator, for life is not a spectacle.”

Music and Dandyism

Macktoob, Pointe Noire 2018