Between Anthropology and Malandragem

“Between Anthropology and Malandrajem” is part of the trilogy of “Divided Brazil.”
This work is not an assertion so much as a search based on the ability to sense diversity and recognize its beauty.
I wanted to investigate what malandro meant in the Brazilian mental representations, after hearing the word frequently in everyday language.
If I have undertaken to film it is in order to help me think this matter thought with the confidence + skepticism mixed together.
In Ipanema beach, one of the greatest Rio de Janiero’s beaches, my instincts guided me towards the person I was supposed to meet in order to dissipate my questions. A true malandro introduced himself and articulated the meaning of this word and his world, the favela planet.
The real anthropological knowledge emerges from the flow of his moves, his strong individuality, rough material of knowledge rarely debated by academics.
His body language as self assurance is what appeal.
The Malandro’s gesture reveals the spirit of decision, on the spot, linked to experience and to the entire possible, dedicated to improbability, open to the wind, to the outside, with the strength to desire fully.
His completeness, his confidence in the world protect life from banality, social conformism.